Russ Stopek

Russ Stopek becomes the second New York-born member of Outpost 79, having been born in Queens and raised on Long Island (hence his liking for the Islanders, although he says he gives the Rangers equal props). Russ was lucky enough to have played CBGB’s back in the day with a band called Love Hates Lois, and moved on to play the other venues with Medicate The Cat and Space Monkey. More recently he’s been taken all over the place by his job, but is living now in Bay Ridge – which led to a very interesting encounter on audition day.

Rob: Hey Jay, Russ lives in Bay Ridge also.
Jay: Really?  Where?
Russ:  In the 70s.
Jay: What street are you on?
Russ: 72nd between 3rd and 2nd.
Jay: No way! So do I!
Russ: We must live in the same complex!
Jay: I bet we use the same mailroom!
Rob: What the hell just happened?!?!?

Wish Russ a happy birthday on April 24.