Jay Galano

Jay Galano came to Outpost 79 somewhat by accident, but it seems to be one of those coincidences that was meant to be all along. He was found after posting his availability on one of the websites where musicians find each other, but the site accidentally listed his home as being in Astoria – which is of course where Rob lives. So it was a bit surprising when Jay turned out to live in the Bay Ridge area, but the audition went so well that no one cared. Jay grew up in Bensonhurst and thus is the first native New Yorker to join OP79. He graduated from Fordham, and played in a band called Gowanus Rumble (later changed to Gowanus Flood) but before they could make it onstage, hurricane Sandy wiped out their studio and all their amps. He lists George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dimebag Darrell as major influences, and plays Gibson guitars – including an Epiphone version of a Zakk Wylde special that looks super cool. He is a big NY Rangers fan, which comports well with the OP79 hockey traditions.

Wish Jay a happy birthday on July 16.