Meet The Band

Formed in early 2016 as the product of several chance happenings involving a beer league team, a going away party, and a long afternoon at work. In short, Rob and Matt played on a beer league hockey team, Prestige Worldwide, in Queens, NY.  Of the two, Matt is far and away the better player, as both will tell you.  After jamming before a game, they were thinking that they should take things further, but then Matt’s wife gave birth to their son and so little more was said.  A few months later, when at a going-away party for a mutual friend who was moving to Africa for six months, Rob and Tommy got into a discussion about how Tommy’s apartment was a mess because of this drum set that he kept with him, even though he hadn’t played them in years.  He soon revealed his history as a drummer in hardcore bands, and so Rob presented him with the idea of jamming with himself and Matt.  The three soon rented an hourly studio on E. 30th st in Manhattan and realized within five minutes that they knew no common songs.  But the second session went much better, as there was some coordination with what to come prepared with for the next practice.

After a third session, Matt and Rob were watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs at a bar appropriately called The Puck (it’s across the street from Madison Square Garden), and the two decided that the best course of action would be to write their own material and play the places around New York.  They later met to work out Change the Conversation and Border Line, and brought them to Tommy for the next practice.  From there, it was one thing leading to another, including getting a practice space in Bushwick, and everything was rolling along quite nicely until it was pointed out to them that it would be very hard to do much more without a singer.

Fortunately, Tommy had recently been drinking at a lower east side bar after work when he mentioned the need for a singer to the bartender, who volunteered that he used to sing for a cover band.  So Mike came to the studio to do a version of “Holy Diver”, and it was decided to have him learn the band’s entire catalogue to that point, which was already six songs.  He went to Brazil for three weeks with the lyric sheets, and not long after his return, OP79 played their first show, at Neir’s Tavern in Woodhaven, Queens, which happens to be the local bar where Tommy lives.  That began the first era of Outpost 79, which concluded at the end of May 2017 as Tommy prepared to get married and move to Michigan, while Matt and his young family moves to Colorado. For one last project, the band went into a studio to record a three-original song EP, with the CD version featuring a fourth, live song. That EP was released July 25 and is available on this website or on any of the common online streaming sites.

In June of 2017, Jay Galano appeared more or less out of nowhere and made himself available as the new guitar player. Soon afterwards, Russ Stopek joined on drums, both living in Bay Ridge on the same block. Most of summer 2017 was spent in the practice studio, and promoting the new EP. And now they have all hit the stage and begun once again to play shows live around New York City, hoping to soon expand into different states! And Brooklyn; still haven’t played in Brooklyn yet.


Outpost 79 thanks Phil Hilgaertner for his help in setting up this website!

The Band